Being Authentic

Being authentic is a key ingredient in the delicious recipe for happiness. What does it mean to be authentic? It means to be the true you. The you who is not afraid to make mistakes, show imperfections, have an imperfect family, be vulnerable. It’s the you that is not concerned with judgements, but more concerned with being real, living an authentic, true to yourself life, and showing up raw and undressed.

Being vulnerable is so refreshing, it’s saying yes to your true self. It’s not being concerned with image, but being concerned with truth and honesty.

Authenticity means we live our life listening to our heart, following our instincts, and doing what feels in the flow.

I realized I was a professional people pleaser and doormat when I started on my journey to live my most authentic life. And authenticity came with a price tag. I did lose a friend or two when I said no to things I would have normally jumped ‘how high’ for, and started loving myself more. I realized pleasing others in fear of losing them was not very loving at all, and being honest was really the most authentic
way to show up in life. Not everyone appreciates when you step into your power, and that’s OK. It’s very freeing to just be OK with being you.

How can we be more authentic in our life now?

1) By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable

2) Consult your heart. Am I being authentic or am I making this choice to please others or avoid conflict or judgement?

3) Don’t be afraid to say no 

Sometimes we live a life that’s not true to ourselves to avoid conflict and judgment. The cost of living to ‘save face’ has an outrageous price tag. Being real frees us from binding ourselves to others beliefs and values, and allows us to be in the flow of life, and be happy!


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