Surrounded by Love

A few days ago I was feeling blue, missing my friends from home. I moved to Florida two years ago, and still there are days when I miss Philly. I lived there for almost forty years. As much as I recognize all the amazing gifts I have been given since my move, that doesn’t mean my heart is released from missing those very special friends I have known from different pieces of my life. Before I moved, I had friends around town from all phases of my life. I still have dear friends that I went to high school with, even elementary school. I have friends from college, from the grocery store, from the days I worked in radio, from musical theater, from my mommy and me group, from the school my daughter went to, from the gym, from friends of friends, from the neighborhoods I lived in….I had friends from all parts of my life, and that was really incredible. So, I was having a moment, and my daughter (who is eight) asked me what was on my mind. I figure there is nothing like the truth, so I told her that I missed my friends from home, and sometimes I feel sad. She looked at me, patted my back, and said, “Mom, I know how you feel. Sometimes I miss my friends too. But it only lasts for a little bit and then it goes away. I remind myself that they are still my friends, and I am so lucky to have met new friends since I have moved to Florida. And you have me, and you are always surrounded by angels. We will comfort you.” I was blown away. It was in that moment that it was confirmed again, my daughter is my teacher. Yes, it is my responsibility to guide her, take care of her and protect her. But her words are so wise, brilliant and wonderful, I can’t help but recognize she picked me as a parent to keep me in line, to bring me back to what I know. We are always protected and loved. We just have to choose to let it in. And that night I agreed to let it in. I thanked God for all of the miracles I experience every day, and for my beautiful new friends. And the very next day, all the blessings I acknowledged were confirmed.
I went to yoga and saw a friend, a woman who also moved to Florida two years ago. Our kids are in school together and she had been out of town all summer. This was the first I had seen her since June. We practiced next to each-other in yoga,  and had a nice long catch-up after class.  She then said that she had a gift for me in her car. I was taken-back…a gift? Thank you….but for what? She said she had seen a magnet –it reads ‘think happy, be happy’ when she was away, and she thought of me. It had been sitting in her car, and she was hoping to run into me. Wow. I was so touched. I told her it meant the world to me. It was conformation of three things….thoughts become things, I have some wonderful friends in Florida, and a small gesture can completely turn someone’s day around. She truly made my day, and I was sure to tell her. And to my amazement, the very next day another friend who I hadn’t seen all summer came to boot camp. I had run into her the day before, and we decided we would treat ourselves to the class and smoothie afterwards. As we sat down to enjoy our date and catch up, she handed me a card. It was a beautiful card that reads…..”may the wind of your life treat the landscape with kindness.” She said she found it this summer while she was in Cape Cod, and thought of me. Ok…anyone who knows me knows this was enough to make a tear roll down my face. Talk about perfect timing and confirmation again that we are loved, and everything we need in life is right here for us when we open our hearts and let it in! I was reminded how many magnificent people I was surrounded by in Florida, and how very special my new friends truly are.
My eight year old reminded me that happiness is now…it is always here for us. If I chose to dwell on the past, I wouldn’t have been open to receiving the future and all it’s gifts. I do miss my old pals, but they are still in my heart in a very big way, and easily reachable by phone and email. I am thankful for all of the gifts in my life, all of the wonderful new friends I have met over the past two years, some from Florida, and some from all over the world. I remind myself of the miracles that continue to occur in my life, I fill them with love and gratitude, and recognize that the answers are always within reach.

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