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Pursuing Happiness

Adam, me and Nicolas at the Seagate hotel in Delray Beach

My friends Adam and Nicolas are these two rock star dudes traveling around the country finding the happiest people for their documentary, Pursuing Happiness. How cool is that? About a year and a half ago they contacted me about an interview and hoped their travels would reach Florida. They started off in California with a dream after a documentary they created for fun went viral. They set an intention to find the intrigue of happiness, and if there is a secret…what is it?
Their schedule was altered after they found out they were invited to the UN to show a preview of their documentary on March 20th, deemed the International Day of Happiness. They were hoping to spend a few days in sunny Florida, but instead they only spent one. And boy am I glad they shared that day with me.
I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “in the flow”. If not, it means when your feeling on point, on purpose, almost etherial…everything is going your way and you are floating through life fully engaged. That is the feeling I got from these two amazing men. You can’t help but feel happy around two guys that are on a mission to talk to happy people every day, and make a movie out of it! We spent an hour and a half together. It flew by. I smiled so much my cheeks hurt. They asked fantastic questions about how I got into the happiness field, and what secrets would I like to share. Well, there are no secrets. Do what you love and you’ll love what you do. Hang out with like- minded people. Don’t sweat the small stuff. LIve from your heart. Love is always the answer.
I was high as a kite spending time with Adam and Nicolas. We had been speaking via email for over a year, and when we finally met, I felt like I had known them forever. Thank you Adam and Nicolas for living your dream, and sharing your gift with the world.

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Life-Lessons at Boca High

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching five classes to teens at Boca High. My new friend Stefanie Gross invited me in to share life-lessons with her students. Stefanie is an English teacher turned yoga instructor at this high school, and her classes are filled to the brim with students that may never have crossed paths, but through the unification of yoga, anything is possible! Stefanie is the creator of Move Through Yoga, as program for teens which she has assembled into a high school curriculum. My hero?? Ah….yes.

What amazed me so was how open these teens were to discussing their struggles and challenges. How alive they seemed to feel just being in a room where there was no judgement and the focus is on love and oneness. What a gift this school provides for their students, and how hungry the students are to share in what is real. I was amazed at the response I received from the classes. I had no idea what to expect, as the students could have yawned and paid no attention. But instead the opposite was true, they want to lead a peaceful life, and don’t mind being guided as to how to do it. Life-skills is the most empowering lesson that we continually learn in life, sometimes over and over again until we get it right. The answer is love, compassion and gentleness. We are not taught to do this in school. We are encouraged to compete and be judged on our grades and our appearance. How humbling an experience to learn the truth in high school, that we are all in this together, learning from one another, experiencing life together. The goal is the same no matter what our backgrounds, intelligence or looks, we are here to love unconditionally, not judge, and take responsibility for our actions, thoughts and feelings. How freeing is it to learn the truth with our peers?

Thank you dear Stefanie for inviting me into your yoga room to share with your students. Deep gratitude for an amazing day.

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