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Healing with Love

Today, a client said to me, “do you know how blessed you are to work here? Do you really know how special this place is?” I said yes. This client is a seasoned family therapist…and quite a good one. So I was pretty sure she new what she was talking about, considering therapy is her [...]

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Have Some Compassion…

Yesterday I was speaking to a friend who shared some personal struggles. She is a mother of two. One of her children has been diagnosed with autism. It has consumed her life. Every free moment she has is spent trying to help her child, reading books, attending seminars, creating a strict diet and looking for [...]

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What I Need to Know About Love

I find myself being more conscious about love and the decisions I make, the steps I take. I am more aware of the consequences of my words and opinions, and find myself thinking before I act. Yesterday the topic of responding to painful situations came up on my radio show. And I recognized the importance [...]

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Happiness and Our LIfe-Class

Looking back on my life with observing eyes, it is clear to me that life prepares us for our future. It’s almost like we take a class that we didn’t sign up for, had no interest in, and life said, “but you need this to graduate. And your mom and dad shelled out a lot [...]

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Guest Post: A Taste of Bliss by Greg Malouf

Friends: In the past I have not accepted guest blog posts, but the beauty of life is that as time goes on and circumstances shift, we make room for change.  My friend Greg who founded the Epsilon Healing Academy wrote a fantastic, inspiring piece, and it is a joy to share it with you! I [...]

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Courage and the Soldier

Just a few days ago I was in New York City attending a course with Dr. Robert Holden, who’s work I have been following over the past year. This is my third experience in his company. Each of them have been transformational for me. The course I attended, “Coaching Success” is intended to open the [...]

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