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Happiness and Our LIfe-Class

Looking back on my life with observing eyes, it is clear to me that life prepares us for our future. It’s almost like we take a class that we didn’t sign up for, had no interest in, and life said, “but you need this to graduate. And your mom and dad shelled out a lot [...]

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Addicted to Love

And now, everything is different. Just a few days ago my whole world came crashing down, and nothing is the same. I am truly experiencing what it means to be present, because I have no choice. Visions of the future cannot be imagined, as I no longer have a reference point. What at first seemed [...]

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the little things are really the big things

  I reached out to my friend today, as we hadn’t caught up in a while.   He is one of  my yoga buddies.  We usually show up for Tara (my fave instructor)‘s class a few times a week.  In true yoga style, we occasionally grab a smoothie after class.  He is a super cool dude, [...]

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Love Heals all Wounds

Although the common phrase “time heals all wounds” certainly makes sense, in examining what really heals all wounds, physical and emotional, the healer, is love. When we look at the process of emotional healing,  love is the essence which allows us to heal. In looking back on situations in my own life, I recognize that [...]

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I once heard someone say, you can’t forgive something you don’t understand. That statement has become a very powerful tool in my toolbox. I find in speaking with others, that forgiveness is a huge challenge. It is usually on the top of my list at my workshops, a consistent launching pad. It brings up a [...]

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