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the little things are really the big things

  I reached out to my friend today, as we hadn’t caught up in a while.   He is one of  my yoga buddies.  We usually show up for Tara (my fave instructor)‘s class a few times a week.  In true yoga style, we occasionally grab a smoothie after class.  He is a super cool dude, [...]

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say thank you to someone who has inspired you

Think back on your life…and you will find someone may have said something, or done something that lead you in a certain direction.  My old neighbor gave me the CD of ‘the secret’ a few summers ago. It wasn’t a big exchange, more of a ‘stick this on your ipod…you may enjoy it’. After listening to [...]

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Live life to the fullest, tomorrow isn’t promised-

Growing up, my dad had no idea that he was the Buddha.  But most days, he would recite this phrase to me.  And I realized over time, that my dad wasn’t saying I might not exist tomorrow, he was saying be happy now!  Enjoy life! Do what you want to do…don’t wait for the perfect moment, [...]

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Today is the day

Hi! I have no idea how this all began…although I can look back and see that I have been preparing for this my whole life…unknowingly. I am hoping that through this blog, you (readers) will leave messages of happiness, love and peace. Or maybe share stories of coincidences…although we know they are G-d’s way of [...]

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