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We tend to put off our joy, as though it’s a special treat that we only deserve once in a while. And what ends up happening is we get to the end of a chapter in our life, and remark “I wish I would have done that when I had the time.” We always have [...]

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Spreadhappy’s Books and Apps of Interest

Often I find gems in my inbox. People send me books, blurbs and blogs of all sorts, and I am happy to pass on the good stuff! Meet Warren Cassell Jr, fourteen year old author of The Farm of Wisdom, available on Amazon. Don’t let his age fool you. Here is a description of his [...]

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The Writer’s Retreat, Day 2 Gindou, France

The smell of a home cooked meal seeps through the doorway of my room as I catch up on the activities of the day. Mike and Susie, the owners of le perchoir des paons (www.leperchoirdespaons.com) are indeed cooking something delightful. I can’t wait to find out what delicious French goodies await us this evening. We [...]

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The Love of Childhood Friendships

Just last week I had the extreme pleasure of attending my oldest friend’s wedding. We met when we were three in Ms. Sue’s dance class in the Lawrence Park Shopping Center in Broomall, Pennsylvania. My family and I flew up from Florida to attend. It was glorious! There are a few things I noticed about [...]

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Simplicty in Italy

I just got back from Italy, and loved every minute of my experience. Every step is so rich with history, and preserved with love. I noticed quite a few things about the lifestyle in Italy, and how graciously the Italians live. It certainly is a lesson in simplicity, and relishing life. The traffic. The cities [...]

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Surrounded by Love

A few days ago I was feeling blue, missing my friends from home. I moved to Florida two years ago, and still there are days when I miss Philly. I lived there for almost forty years. As much as I recognize all the amazing gifts I have been given since my move, that doesn’t mean [...]

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