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Empowering your life with Happiness

I am very blessed to be working with amazing people at Lifescape Solutions, a recovery center for addictions and traumas. The owners have built this loving space from the ground up, and in just a few years it has established itself as having one of the lowest re-lapse rates. They are doing quite a few [...]

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What is Your Vision?

I am alone this morning and it is very rare that I get to spend time with just me. It’s really pleasant. It’s early morning, the rain is humming in the background, my candles are lit, and I am thinking about how blessed I am. Today I get to go to work. Yes, I get [...]

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Forgiving and Letting Go

OK…so I am working crazy hard on forgiveness. Posting forgiveness quotes for my benefit…walking around reciting a forgiveness meditation wherever I go…it’s not working. So I allow, allow myself to feel angry. Hey, it’s better than sad. I have always been a very forgiving person, to the tune of becoming a professional doormat. When I [...]

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Healing with Love

Today, a client said to me, “do you know how blessed you are to work here? Do you really know how special this place is?” I said yes. This client is a seasoned family therapist…and quite a good one. So I was pretty sure she new what she was talking about, considering therapy is her [...]

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Trusting in Life

I have been away for a while, loving life and letting life love me. Gently reminding myself that through each change is opportunity for personal growth and wisdom. Sometimes I ask myself, “did I really sign up for this?”, and I know the answer is YES. I have a friend who reminds me to ask [...]

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Finding Happiness with Smile TV

It’s been an amazing month with so much synchronicity, I think I want to write a song about it. I’ll tell you a story instead. A few weeks ago my buddy, author David Mezzapelle Contagious Optimism had his first live production of his book series. It’s like TEDX on steroids, real people, real stories, inspiring [...]

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