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The Inside-Out Relationship

Getting along with ourselves is probably the most challenging relationship we have, and also the most important. Every time I have a beef with another, feel insecure, jealous, or uncomfortable in my own skin, I get to question me. The good thing is I don’t have to make an appointment. I’m pretty much always available. [...]

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Creating Your Best Life

My husband and I are geeks and really enjoy spending our free time doing the same thing we do in our profession. Exploring truth, self discovery, asking introspective questions, and taking a real true look out ourselves, what we want, and what may be stopping us. We have a theme word for each year. The [...]

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The Best Presence to Give for the Holidays

Kindness, love, compassion and reflection come to mind as a top priority for exploring the the true meaning of the holidays. What truly brings us joy has little to do with tangible gifts, and everything to do with love and connection. In our home this year, the holidays are going to be spent just the [...]

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How to Stay SANE During the Holidays

The holidays are a stressful time for many. Many of us feel pressure to be everything to everyone, show up with a smile on our face, do our best to avoid conflict, and keep it all together. I know for my best friend, this is the first Christmas without her dad, and there is no [...]

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When You Least Expect It…

Today I had an OMG moment. It was a reminder that whatever we need is always here for us, and the universe responds promptly in ways in which we could not predict. I woke up this morning with a headache, and by noon, the darn thing was still nagging at me making it very hard [...]

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falling in love…

In the midst of turmoil, love came to town in the most amazing, unexpected way.  I had been working at a rehabilitation center coaching and leading groups.  The owners called me in to a meeting to talk about their vision and moving forward.  They were importing their nephew from England to work at the center, [...]

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