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Stuck in your thinking?

The holidays are almost over, with the new year quickly approaching. Are the thoughts you keep thinking working for you, or against you? I know I catch myself especially in the morning, telling stories I don’t like and then telling myself to be quiet…and fast! Our brain is trained to believe our own BS, and [...]

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“How do I find joy?”

My client asked me. “There is nothing to find, it is within you,” the answer no one wants to hear. And it’s true. Joy is a state of mind. it is our natural state of mind. I played a little game with myself this morning when I went to the beach after my 7am yoga [...]

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Dis-empowering Drama

Do you know people who thrive on drama? Something is always wrong in their life, they play the victim well? Drama actually produces an adrenaline rush, and can serve as pleasing and exciting. Unknowingly, a need is being fulfilled, and the drama serves a purpose, fills a void. There are some in the world who [...]

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Loving Naples

We have had a wonderful Shift Happens weekend and feel very blessed to be aligned with the Edgewater Beach Hotel. They have incorporated a Be Well menu (totally up our alley…go plant based—and fish too;) and a Be Well program, which provides guests with meditation tools, aromatherapy, yoga, and all the treats which create the [...]

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The Inside-Out Relationship

Getting along with ourselves is probably the most challenging relationship we have, and also the most important. Every time I have a beef with another, feel insecure, jealous, or uncomfortable in my own skin, I get to question me. The good thing is I don’t have to make an appointment. I’m pretty much always available. [...]

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Creating Your Best Life

My husband and I are geeks and really enjoy spending our free time doing the same thing we do in our profession. Exploring truth, self discovery, asking introspective questions, and taking a real true look out ourselves, what we want, and what may be stopping us. We have a theme word for each year. The [...]

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